For a fraction of the cost of a coffee shop, provide your office personnel with hot coffee or cocoa. We provide a choice of premium coffee and cocoa directly in your office, allowing you to save costly journeys to the coffee shop. To manufacture your drink, we only utilize high-quality ingredients like Ghirardelli’s, Swiss Miss, and Nescafe! Take use of your mornings! We keep our equipment’s in good working order and clean them on a regular basis.

Here are some of the coffee machines we have available for you and your staff today! 


With our Cafection bean to cup vending machines your staff will enjoy a fresh brewed cup of coffee made on demand. Our machines utilize a state-of-the-art brewing system and a built-in grinder for a fresh grind to brew coffee in about 45 seconds. We source our whole beans locally and stock regularly to maintain freshness. These machines are ideal for free vending and will reliably provide your staff with coffee so fresh it will taste like it came from the local coffee shop.


Our Airpot vending service is an economical way to offer coffee to your staff. We set you up our brewer and airpots and provide regular delivery service of coffee, sugar, teas, creamers, flavors, cups and stir sticks. We require a small space for storage and come regularly to manage inventory and keep you stocked with coffee.


Our full-sized coffee vending equipment takes up a small footprint of only about 3ft x3ft. In that small space we are able to provide barista quality coffee to your staff or customers. These machines grind whole bean coffee and brew utilizing a state-of-the-art Italian brewer. With this machine guests or customers will walk up and purchase their coffee using cash, credit card or Apple Pay and make a selection. We offer caramel latte, vanilla latte, apple cider, hot chocolate, English toffee, mocha, and coffee- optional to add cream and or sugar to that. After making a selection is made a cup is dispensed and your coffee is made fresh within about 60 seconds.