We operate out of Bothell, Washington and service King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. We have been in business for over ten years and have helped hundreds of businesses get started or switch to our services. Our experience allows us to help you make a smooth transition to a vending service that will exceed your expectations!


At First Rate Vending we provide a convenient and reliable place to purchase fresh and frozen foods, ice creams, traditional snacks, healthy snacks, and a wide variety of drink options at affordable prices through our vending machines. Our machines can be placed wherever you would like them throughout your company, and we offer a menu that best fits your preferences by monitoring sales and providing only the items your machines demand. We are fully insured, and we maintain all responsibility for our equipment, so your company is free of all liabilities. We have grown quickly by setting up our equipment for free, suppling unique products, keeping our machines fully stocked, offering all available payment options, and reviewing our machines inventory regularly to ensure we are keeping only the products your staff and customers are buying. We have many pieces of equipment ready for install in the case you find yourself needing equipment ASAP so reach out today and let’s discuss your individual needs. Thanks for stopping by! We look forward to working with you..


Our machines will stay full– All of our machines are remotely monitored, we set appropriate inventory levels to ensure we offer the freshest foods, monitor items as they become low and alert our driver to restock your machines before items become sold out. Machines are set to a planogram for consistency and slow-moving items are rotated out of the machine and replaced with new items.


Our equipment is leading in the industry– We utilize the latest technologies in the industry, we install LED lighting, a remote sales monitoring system, a guaranteed delivery system, and offer contactless payment options on our equipment. We value each of our customers and everything we do is aimed to ensure that each person that chooses to purchase from us will walk up to a functioning, fully stocked machine and experience a reliable vend and fresh product every time. 


We provide regular planned service to ensure that your machines are sufficiently filled; in the event that you require our assistance, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. – Sensors for Guaranteed Delivery ensure that vends are delivered on time. – We collaborate with you to create a unique vending program that meets your specific requirements. – Vending machines that are free or subsidized – Name-brand products of high quality – All items are guaranteed to be fresh!


Don’t have any cash on you? It’s no problem. – Accepts credit/debit cards – Pay with Apple or Android – Machines take bills ranging from $1 to $20. – Machines give out $1 coins as change. – There are coupons available. – There are promotions available.


We collaborate with you to build a menu that is unique to you. – We work with a number of vendors who offer a diverse range of products.

Our inventory management ensures that only the things you purchase are stocked. – We guarantee fresh merchandise at each vending machine. – Reliable vendors ensure that you get the product you want.