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Refrigerated Food Vending Machine

When you get a refrigerated food vending machine you provide a convenient way for your staff to enjoy a wide variety of quality lunches at affordable prices without leaving the site. Employees can sit down, relax and enjoy a fresh meal anytime with our cold food machines. No need to spend precious break time running to the store, waiting in line to order food only to come back and have to quickly eat before heading back to work. We stock our food machines very regularly and individually mark best by dates on every item stocked in the machine so you know you are always purchasing fresh food. Machines may be stocked fresh daily depending on use. We strive to provide quality items and offer items such as: fresh sandwiches, cheeses, burritos, hot pockets, Red Barren pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches, muffins, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and yogurt. See our list of popular items here.

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